When it Rains

I still have to decide which I would kill

“What?” I snapped slapping the pad onto my desk.

Gage stood in the doorway, mouth hanging partially open, tempting the malfunctioning detectors to slam the door closed on him again. “I…” was his stunning comeback.

I new I looked doubly the fury buzzing through me. The rational part of my mind knew this caused his hesitation. The rest didn’t care.

“What? What could you possibly want now? I know that the sensors are all wonky. Jensen is on that. I know that the cyclers are reaching their limits. Parts have been ordered and promised for multi cycles and they stopped taking my calls.”

I ticked through the myriad of other technical difficulties that had decided this cycle was the perfect to all come crashing down. I’d have sworn Collins had jinxed this research expedition when we’d won it from his company. If I believed in them. But I didn’t. I did believe that he was a bitter curmudgeon and winning had been a delight.

“And to top that all off,” I said arriving at the end of my list, “I still have to decide which project I would kill because of all of that.”

Gage visibly gulped taking a step back into the hallway, but still not explaining his presence. He glanced to his left and then back. “Collins ship just arrived.” The words and his departure battled in haste and left me with my mouth hanging open. Perhaps I should reconsider the validity of jinxes.

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