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Welcome to the Works in Progress section. Below you will find information on the novels I am currently working on, including a brief excerpt. Please keep in mind these are in progress so anything in them is subject to change. And they are rough.

Series: The Red #1
The Red by Author Jenna Eatough
Publication Status
Work in Progress
Series: The Red

Writing 125.5% Complete
Editing Pass 1 0.0% Complete
Welcome to Gazrae
Wizards are meddlesome creatures, and, Redava Kenderand is convinced, her greatest annoyance. Master, servant, thief, and noble. Her life has enough to balance with the Ethrael, the highest order of wizards, having their stronghold in Gazrae, the capital city of Westergras. But in the shadow and light she’s learned to balance her life until the Air Wizards arrive and send everything a kilter.

Zyndelin Mur has been entrusted with a desperate mission. Seek help of the Ethrael for the Athenaeum, home of the Alireri air wizards, is under relentless attack from a dark enemy. An enemy out of legends. The Ethrael’s magic is the only hope they have for driving them back. What price is too high when the darkness descends?

Dragon's Hoard by Author Jenna Eatough
Publication Status
Work in Progress
Series: Draca Bound

Writing 100.3% Complete
Editing Pass 1 0.0% Complete
Meet the Characters

The Swindler

Eustis is the illegitimate son of an illegitimate son of an . . . well you get the idea. Unlike his forefathers, He isn't willing to accept his station. So he is on a mission, and he is not going to let anyone stop him being recognized. To achieve his goals he needs gold, lots of it. So after a chance encounter with a dragon instead of demanding the retribution he initially craves, he glimpses an opportunity. Now if only he can convince the dragon to go along.

The King

Draxon inherited a burden not of his choosing, but it’s his duty to protect the secret along with the kingdom. He wants the realm to remain orderly, peaceful, and above all quiet. The last is a bit hard when the largest royal family in the kingdom’s history is under his roof. As if his brood wasn’t enough to deal with, a dragon starts rampaging through the countryside. When the uproar increases he decides to send out his knights before the secret can be revealed or there’s true chaos.

The Knight

Sophia’s never been the ideal princess and that’s just fine with her. After all, her sister charmed the suitors being THE greatest beauty in the realm. Her brothers jostled constantly for the spotlight. All five of them. She could be shuffled out of sight, until now. Her father has an arranged marriage planned and Sophia isn't pleased. What’s a princess to do except take matters into her own hands? Riding out with sword in hand she means to conquer the dragon proving her worth on her own terms.

The Dragon

Nuff was the born runt of the clutch. Always given the scraps and picked on by the other hatchlings. So when he defies all expectations to reach his coming of age, what’s he to do to build his horde up before time runs out? Disdaining pillaging, unlike his brothers, Nuff attempts another route. He can't understand why everyone reacts with screaming and terror to his polite requests. He's a peaceful soul. Really! He can't help how he was born, but he will fight against what he might become.

Mystery Project One by Author Jenna Eatough
Publication Status
Work in Progress

Writing 187.5% Complete
Editing Pass 4 100.0% Complete
Final Draft 100.0% Complete
What is this?
I am entering one of the many contests that have popped up this year. I am not sure if I will hit the deadline for this one, but I'm giving it a try. This one is a contest for writing a novel length work in a quicker turn around time. Not a challenge I have tried before, but the story gnawed at my brain and I'm going!

In the meantime I want to track my progress on it without giving away too much of the story.

Book Updates
The final draft is complete. Time for a nap!
Jenna Eatough
Mystery Project One #1
Aug 31, 2023

Done. I declare this novel done!

Author Jenna Eatough Mystery Project One Update 8-31-2023Very late at night or very early in the morning depending on how you look at it. I finished up the last details I had to work on for my lovely little novel, completing the gold bar for he first time!

This has been an experience, but completing the draft isn’t the end either. I’ve already taken the novel and sent it off out into the world. What reception will it receive? Unknown.

For now.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as I find out more myself.

But for now, I’m off to sleep. More things to do tomorrow. Hmm… which story to work on next…

Mystery Project One
Edit Pass 4 Complete and Deadline Nears
Jenna Eatough
Mystery Project One #1
Aug 27, 2023

Mystery Project 1 Edit Pass 1 Complete 8-15-2023Tonight I finished the 4th edit pass on the novel. I enjoyed working on this pass because I put on my earphones and had the program read the book to me, making corrections as it went. Getting to hear the story is a different experience, and I can definitely appreciate preferring audio books (thought audio books are a bit more fun that obviously computer generated voices) .

How much more do I have to do? Only what I can get done before the deadline ahead of the month. This week I will be completing the project! I’m excited for completion, and for having worked on a new challenge. I’ll have to ponder what challenge to pick up after this one.

Mystery Project One
Is the third time the charm? Well, it’s at least charming.
Jenna Eatough
Mystery Project One #1
Aug 20, 2023

This evening, I completed edit pass number 3! Or what felt more like edit passes 3-15. The last pass was all about rearranging chapters. This pass I hunted down the silly little words that like to creep into a story and make sure the names were consistent and such. There might have been (definitely was) correcting of other errors as I read through the text again and again.

Was this the last pass? Nope. No gold bar for me yet.
Am I getting closer? Yes, Yes, I am.

Where edit pass four takes me, I don’t know yet. Tonight I’m getting some sleep though.

Mystery Project One
Edit Pass Two Complete
Jenna Eatough
Mystery Project One #1
Aug 16, 2023

Late last night (or early this morning depending on how you count it), I finished edit pass number 2. Yes, this one went much more quickly where the pass focused on restructuring the chapters of the books. This pass went faster in part because during pass 1 I made notes on what needed to happen.

I have begun edit pass 3 as well. This one won’t be quite as quick, but I’m enjoying where this project is going.

Mystery Project One
Edit Pass One Complete!
Jenna Eatough
Mystery Project One #1
Aug 15, 2023

Late last night, I completed the first edit pass on this project. Also, known as the slow pass, but this pass gave me a better feel for the structure overall. I’m now better prepared to begin edit pass 2. Followed by 3. Followed by… well we’ll see how I’m feeling when I get that far.

The work continues, but the end is in sight.

Mystery Project One
The first draft is complete!
Jenna Eatough
Mystery Project One #1
Jun 16, 2023

On May 17th I started my Mystery Project with an initial goal of 30k words. Now, one month into the project, I’m ecstatic to be back with my latest story report.

I wrote two amazing little words for it: the end!

Whew, what a month this has been. I’ve had a great time challenging myself and making strides I hadn’t imagined when I started. But for tonight, I think I’ll take the evening off. Edits can wait for tomorrow to begin. I do still have to get this ready to submit!

For those of you eying the word total on my progress bars (and who read the first update) this ended up significantly over the initial word goal and topped 56k. Hello project, you are officially novel length.

Mystery Project One
100%… And Counting.
Jenna Eatough
Mystery Project One #1
Jun 3, 2023

Today I reached 100% of my goal for this project!

And kept writing past the goal of 30k words. This was not surprising to me. I’ve suspected with growing certainty as I approached 30k that the story would not be done there, and that’s just fine. For the contest I started this story for 30k was the low end of the permissible word range. Words are not my enemy just now. Time is.

Still, I’m ecstatic to have made the 30k words in just 18 days of writing since I started the draft on May 17, 2023. (Two of those days I took breaks from writing even).

I’d better keep going and see where this story ends up. I’m loving the ride!

Mystery Project One

Series: Valkyrie #1
Silent Valkyrie by Author Jenna Eatough
Publication Status
Work in Progress
Series: Valkyrie

Writing 100% Complete
Editing Pass 1 18.2% Complete
The Abbot walked around the desk sitting in the center of the space and sank down into the chair with a groan. “I had not expected such a long day for our homecoming,” he said as he motioning to a chair across the desk from him. “Next time you wish to summon us a miracle, let me know beforehand so I can be rested.”

Kelsig settled into the indicated chair shaking his head. “I did not ask for a miracle,” he objected. “I only asked for what we all want.”

The Abbot leaned back in his chair resting his arms on the desk. He closed his eyes. Something about his expression, Kelsig was not sure what, spoke of amusement. Almost as if a child had said something ironic to their elder without meaning. “After so long a miracle might be the only thing that will put everything it to rest. Now answer me truthfully, was that all you prayed for?” Arnkell finally inquired. “You were just praying for an end?”

Kelsig sat up straight in his chair frowning. “I answered your question, sir, truthfully. Do you have cause to doubt my word?”

Arnkell raised a hand from the desk flicking his fingers in denial to the accusation. “Nothing of the sort,” he said. “But over the years I have had the privilege of watching many Brothers of Grenmarr pray in that sanctum. I have seen many offer their words up to Grenmarr. I have seen the hope and arrogance, overconfidence, all of it written in the devout’s every move.” The Abbot snorted his amusement. “Whenever those are the motivation, they never stay longer on their knees than I. But that was not what I saw in you.”

Arnkell sighed opening his eyes he sat forward and took out a fresh piece of paper setting it on the desk before him. Kelsig realized he was giving him time to speak, if he chose when the Abbot picked up the quill without further comment. His hands rubbed his knees as he sat forward thinking. It was true that it had not been hope or any of the other motivations which had pushed his prayer.

He listened to the quill move over the parchment. It scrapped along the page leaving deliberate lines behind. Lines which traced where the tip had scratched at the paper. Raising a hand to his mouth he pressed a finger firmly against his lips, his other hand’s beating against his knee as he shook his head. He watched the Abbot’s eyelids twitch, but the man restrained himself from looking. A kindness Kelsig was not sure he deserved. A monk of Grenmarr had to be strong. Had to be prepared to fight at any time. They were all that stood between Geirland completely overrunning Deildara. Their people needed them, needed their devotion and training to guard the passes. Grenmarr and Miohas bore sacred burdens. And by choice, so did Kelsig.

Series: Untitled #1
King's Seat Rising by Author Jenna Eatough
Publication Status
Work in Progress
Series: Untitled

Writing 100% Complete
Editing Pass 1 0.0% Complete
Lungs protested from stinging cold as he drew in a breath. Arionn’s head felt heavy, and the inclination to move was beyond his grasp. He lay still in the weak sunlight nebulously shining through a swirl of colors. Stillness and dust hung thickly in the air.

His thoughts chased about inside of his head dancing beyond his grasp. Some were closer, some were father, and some he could feel slipping completely free from him. There was something he should remember. He was sure of that, but he could not get any thought to stay long enough to be sure what it was he should remember.

Arionn closed his eyes tightly trying to press the confusing tangle of thoughts away from him. Slowly, he worked on controlling his breathing and taking stalk of his body. Everything seemed fine if growing a bit numb from the cold hardness beneath him.

Finding his center he opened his eyes again, this time they focused. The swirl of colors resolved themselves into a dome far above depicting Vireeth’s teachings. In the center of it all the crescent moon shone down into the stone box he lay in. The dome, Vireeth’s temple. Thoughts tugged at the edge of his mind until exploding in a panic.

He shot up into a sitting position as his eyes searched the room for a sign of the monks or his sister. His assessment only yielded what his ears had already told him though. He was alone. A thick layer of dust coated the floor. The door to the room was missing. The covering slab lay broken in four pieces at each corner of the box.

Pushing himself up, he swung his legs over the edge of the crypt and landed shakily on the ground. His hands trailed over the corner of the slab nearest him assessing the edges where the stone had shattered. The stone was almost smooth under his hands. It had been broken cleanly in the center of the crescent.

As he raised his hand he looked at the heavy dust sticking to his skin. Temples to the Five Deity were found in every city, shrines in the village. Some fell into the disuse at times as a village or city's desires shifted between the pantheon. Disuse, but there was always at least one monk left to tend the structure or if small enough the relics were removed and it was shut up. Never had he heard tale of this. Vireeth’s temple, Vireeth’s coffin, left uncared for.

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