The Red

Series: The Red #1
The Red by Author Jenna Eatough
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Series: The Red

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Welcome to Gazrae
Wizards are meddlesome creatures, and, Redava Kenderand is convinced, her greatest annoyance. Master, servant, thief, and noble. Her life has enough to balance with the Ethrael, the highest order of wizards, having their stronghold in Gazrae, the capital city of Westergras. But in the shadow and light she’s learned to balance her life until the Air Wizards arrive and send everything a kilter.

Zyndelin Mur has been entrusted with a desperate mission. Seek help of the Ethrael for the Athenaeum, home of the Alireri air wizards, is under relentless attack from a dark enemy. An enemy out of legends. The Ethrael’s magic is the only hope they have for driving them back. What price is too high when the darkness descends?