Dragon’s Hoard

Dragon's Hoard by Author Jenna Eatough
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Series: Draca Bound

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Meet the Characters

The Swindler

Eustis is the illegitimate son of an illegitimate son of an . . . well you get the idea. Unlike his forefathers, He isn't willing to accept his station. So he is on a mission, and he is not going to let anyone stop him being recognized. To achieve his goals he needs gold, lots of it. So after a chance encounter with a dragon instead of demanding the retribution he initially craves, he glimpses an opportunity. Now if only he can convince the dragon to go along.

The King

Draxon inherited a burden not of his choosing, but it’s his duty to protect the secret along with the kingdom. He wants the realm to remain orderly, peaceful, and above all quiet. The last is a bit hard when the largest royal family in the kingdom’s history is under his roof. As if his brood wasn’t enough to deal with, a dragon starts rampaging through the countryside. When the uproar increases he decides to send out his knights before the secret can be revealed or there’s true chaos.

The Knight

Sophia’s never been the ideal princess and that’s just fine with her. After all, her sister charmed the suitors being THE greatest beauty in the realm. Her brothers jostled constantly for the spotlight. All five of them. She could be shuffled out of sight, until now. Her father has an arranged marriage planned and Sophia isn't pleased. What’s a princess to do except take matters into her own hands? Riding out with sword in hand she means to conquer the dragon proving her worth on her own terms.

The Dragon

Nuff was the born runt of the clutch. Always given the scraps and picked on by the other hatchlings. So when he defies all expectations to reach his coming of age, what’s he to do to build his horde up before time runs out? Disdaining pillaging, unlike his brothers, Nuff attempts another route. He can't understand why everyone reacts with screaming and terror to his polite requests. He's a peaceful soul. Really! He can't help how he was born, but he will fight against what he might become.