Jenna EatoughJenna Eatough is an award winning author who grew up in the shadows of the Wasatch Front and loved escaping into the nearby mountains as frequently as possible, both then and now. There, under mist and moon, she dreams of worlds full of heroes, villains, and dragons. Worlds she works to capture on paper. Along with the occasional spaceships, air ships, and more.

Her publication credits include short stories, poetry, and flash fiction, including an Amazon best-selling charity Anthology, which reached number 7 in anthologies and got stuck behind one of Neil Gaiman’s anthologies. Awards include the Critters 2020 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Steam Punk Short Story and two Silver Honorable Mentions in the Writers of the Future contest. Jenna manages a 100-250-word flash fiction group for seven years and counting, posting her stories weekly on her blog.

When not dreaming of other worlds, Jenna works as a librarian backed by her Masters of Library Science and Bachelors of International Politics with minors in English and Computers and the Humanities. She also co-founded a non-profit SF&F writing, art, and game development conference in addition to overseeing contests for writing and art.