Waiting Game

Camping was just the beginning

Siraxe ignored the fire rippling through the grasses beside them, focusing on Keleskull instead. The fire would vanish soon and only marked recently departed adventurers and not a threat. Keleskull plopped onto a downed log.

“So, we wait?” Siraxe tried for a bored tone.

Keleskull grunted tucking his hands behind his back. “Yep,” he lifted one hand triggering the timepiece to illuminate on his gauntlet before glancing appraisingly at the fire. “Should only be a couple minutes. Worth the wait for the loot.”

Rolling his shoulders, Siraxe rocked on his feet and nodded. “Be here often then?”

Keleskull chuckled and nodded. “More than often.” He gestured toward the vast expanse stretching before them beneath an impossible purple sunset. “Stick with me and camping’ll be just the beginning. I know all the best spots and…” He trailed off grinning.

“And?” I furrowed my brow trying to suppress my eagerness. Not easy after trailing this moob for a full cycle. Enough to know he wasn’t a sparkling conversationalist, and that codes suspicions were right. His successes were too perfect for chance.

Keleskull shrugged, his gaze flicking to the vanishing flames. He rose, pulling his bastard sword free. “Soon enough.” He strode to the swarm respawning with an eager grin.

Sighing, I drew my staff prepping healing spells and debating which I wanted first. This guy to reveal his codebreaker so IU could bust him and move to the next assignment, or for the crisis to pass so the gamers could wake.

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