Desolate Dark

There's a desolate feel to the place

“There’s a desolate feel to the place.” Stacy’s pronouncement was accompanied by vague hand waving. I whirled to glare at Terrance. Not even one minute and she’d started in.

He clasped his hands in a plea for patience. “Nah babe,” he said moving to stand beside her and giving the bell sitting on the counter a quick tap. “They’re just in the back.”

Stacy shook her head, her long braid swishing drunkenly with the movement. “That’s not–”

Mercifully her protest died with the office door opening. Stacy yelped, sprinting sideways behind me, clutching my arms as if I were her shield and clinging like a leech when I tried shrugging her off.

The gentleman sauntered to the counter. “Welcome.” He grinned as he spoke, teeth flashing and his eyes sweeping over us. “I assume you have reservations?”

He locked his eyes on me, his unwavering gaze unsettling. Stepping backward, I tried to put distance between us and fell over Stacy landing in a heap of limbs. Squeeling, she extracted herself running for the door.

“Stace!” Terrance screamed chasing after her.

I glowered after the pair. She was so weird. “Here, allow me to assist you.”

“Thanks,” I said taking his hand. He pulled me to my feet with an abruptness that should have been jolting, but instead was…

The thought and time vanished leaving me in darkness. “Hello?” I screamed. I would have even welcomed Stacy answering, but heard nothing until hespoke.

“You should have run with the rest.”

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