Magical Dearth

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: Until he understood that meant he couldn't eat

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

The Calhoun Council wisely allowed Howden and myself to speak to Marston, grand master of the arcane, on their behalf. They would’ve been wiser if I’d spoken alone.

“No.” Marston waved his hand, a flat refusal, and rose from his seat.

“But… We need you… The future can be saved.” Howden hadn’t realized yet he’d lost.

“So, you say.” Martson wrapped the table loudly. “I say point the way to Tameeka Hall. They’ve the best pies.”

Howden caught my raised hand and fell silent. “Straight up the main road and left at Moonlight Way.” Rising, I bowed to him.

He looked between myself and the retreating Marston. Only after the door closed did Howden move.

“Why did you stop me? We had him,” he said. I gapped at him wondering how he could be a master of the divine and utterly blind.

“Until he found out it meant he couldn’t eat.” I snapped. What had Howden thought? Telling Marston, known for his love of food, that while encased within the spell he’d be unable to eat.

Howdan snapped his mouth closed. He scratched behind his ear in consideration. “We must be able to do something.”

“Not unless you can duplicate him.” I froze. Howden grinned. “That was not an invitation!”

“Of course not,” he said with casual dismissal. “The Elders shall never hear such a suggestion.” He strode away before I could retort.

“Not an invitation,” I called again hoping he’d believed me.

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