Snow Bound

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: White out conditions continued

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Paliace sat before the hearth attempting to ignore Na’dern as he paced the small confines of the waypoint. Pacing which forced her to remain uncomfortably close to the flames. She could not fault the design of the point for heat retention. She could barely tell the white out conditions continued.

Except for the fact that they remained at the waypoint.

Except for Na’dern ‘s incessant pacing.

Rounding his short path again, he kept his gaze on the door and stepped closer still to Paliace. She tottered backwards, bracing against the hearth stones to keep from falling.

Grabbing her staff, Paliace swiped at Na’dern’s ankles. “Enough.” Her voice echoed in the small confines as did the this when Na’dern collided with the ground.

Pushing himself onto his elbows, he blinked Paliace. “What do you–”

“Enough,” she repeated, rising from beside the hearth. “Incessant passing will not end the storm, will not get us to Trafendel faster, and will certainly not defeat Galdon faster.”


Raising her hand, Paliace cut him off glowering. “Light knows the elders have tried fretting and pacing thoroughly. I do not need you recreating their attempts and knocking me into the fire.”

She paused, and Na’dern opened his mouth to argue further.

Paliace cut him off before he could form the first sound. “Unless you aim to destroy him yourself.”

Another pause.

Another inhale to argue.

“Or aid him.”

Na’dern snapped his mouth closed and sat. The waypoint felt as chilly as the storm beyond.

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