Trust Unearned

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: You're unsure whether or not to trust him

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Red heard the quiet pop as Cydric munched on the small fruit and collapsed casually onto the chair. He glanced at Red. “You’re unsure whether or not to trust him,” he said equally casually as he flicked his gaze toward where Aerim had disappeared into the halls.

Red shrugged. The movement as casual as Cydric’s words. Not that lack of reaction hid either of their thoughts. They’d known each other too long.

Aerim was unknown. Brother to Red’s betrayer, a sister coerced into protecting her brother.

Red understood that motivation, that drive. Understood, but would not accept it.

Red had kept Aerim and sent Mirea, grateful for the easy solution with the queen’s request for a Mirror Twin.

Mirror Twins belonged to and were created by the circle. Two souls sharing an unbreakable link. Two souls who communicated, and relayed, information instantly, though rarely, if ever, saw each other after the casting.

Elaydia, Queen of Gazrae, had taken Maria as a lady, formalizing her and Red’s connection. Queen to thief. Two who could never be seen together connected by siblings Red didn’t quite trust.

Red shrugged again. “I trust him as much as I trust Elaydia.” Grabbing her own, brilliantly purple piece of fruit, Red popped it into her mouth. The cool and sweet rushed over her tongue as she settled into her own chair. “Which is to say, enough for now.”

Cydric nodded. She knew he understood her. Now and trust were fickle things.

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