The water looked deep and inviting

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

“Teresa!” I twisted looking behind me to the caller. Cassie stood below her hand raised as she shielded her eyes against the light. Between her and me was a wall of shrubbery. She wouldn’t be able to see me yet and I wasn’t going to call back.

Ignoring my sister, I turned back toward the ledge and below Eryllan. The rest wouldn’t be far behind. The waters were cobalt, deep, and inviting. I’d made it.

“Teresa!” Just. It lay at the bottom of a caldera with no way down I could see and my time to search was gone. Here the ledge extended over the water. I took a breath and jumped.

Water closed around me like a slap. I braced expecting to hit the bottom, surprised when I hit air. Twisting in the water I reoriented myself and broke the surface gasping for air.

The sky above was a riot of color, more brilliant and chaotic than sunset. Floating on my back I allowed my tension to drain. It was true. I was here. After a moment, I pushed toward the shoreline, climbing out. They were wrong and I would find mother yet.

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