I've got my mirror

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

The wind whipped around me as I stared at the path. Where was the girl? “Can we still wait?” Sevela asked beside me. Stars. If that girl couldn’t read minds. I looked at her and the rest gathered about the grave. They clumped in groups away from the coffin.

I glanced to the opposite horizon. Color, though muted, stained the sky. “We can wait.” I kept my voice firm. We could wait. But not long. I glanced at the open coffin suppressing a shudder as I looked at Loten within. How much pain had he caused? He had to be bound.

Time and light slipped fast, the world turning to a mire of shadow. “It is time.” We all moved forming the circle about Loten. I raised my hands holding them above the head of the casket.

“Wait,” a voice screamed from the path. Melibwyn. I looked toward the shadowed figure on the path. “I’ve got the mirror!”

I slumped forward, tension draining from my muscles. The coffin shuddered on the supports holding it above the grave. “Hurry,” I screamed, displeased at the panic in the word.

Melibwyn pushed through the circle around the coffin. I wanted to scream as she bumped against the coffin hard, not controlling her stop. The foot of the coffin. She leaned forward, tilting it and straining our control as she placed the mirror on his hands.

Instantly the grave stilled. I scowled at Melibwyn. Gifted thought she was, she had to stop being late.

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