She had missed the last train

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Nadie clutched her bag’s strap tightly as she stood at the end of the platform. The train belched steam as it disappeared around the bend ahead. She’d missed it. A thin layer of water covered the tracks.

A whistle, though not a train’s, sounded behind her. Turning she looked at men not even trying to conceal their mirth. She glowered and turned away, raising her chin.

“You’re stuck here now, pretty one,” a voice said beside her. Turning she grabbed his hand, reaching for a strand of her hair, with a glower.

How had she let them delay her so badly? She looked over at the group, fine manors gone as was their appearance. Already their skin turned grey as the illusion faded. There was nothing gallant about them. “I am stranded nowhere.” She threw his arm away and stepped off the platform.

Water lapped at her ankles as she lifted her skirts. As she took a step he called after her “The water will only rise. Don’t be foolish.”

She glanced over her shoulder and grinned. “I’ll swim if I must, but I don’t fear this water as you do.” Their jeers were gone, and she grinned as she turned away. Taking a step, she followed after the train. She’d not be trapped with them.

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