She stared into the darkness

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Jade needed kicking when I caught up with her. At least normal fortunetellers used crystal balls. Reflections, refractions, whatever. Those were at least interesting to look at. This was . . . what was this? Obsidian? “Stare into my ball,” the woman said.

“At what?” I asked. Whatever it was, was as dull as a stone. I reached out to turn the ball. Maybe she had the wrong side showing.

A crack and sting had me snatching my hand back, skin already reddening. “Don’t touch. Look.” She gestured emphatically.

“Fine,” I mumbled. Why I didn’t just walk out already. Instead I stared into darkness. “What is. . .” My tongue felt too thick to finish the thought. Not that my head could figure out what I’d wanted to ask.

The lights of the room moved, pushing around and behind me until all that remained was the orb. Not just black. I followed streaks of color flowing over the surface, pulling me in. I lurched reaching for the table to brace myself with. It was gone.

Stumbling, I looked behind me. Darkness. Darkness that moved. I turned to run, but it coiled in every direction. The mass reared in front of me, both bearing a shape and having none. I glowered at the thing refusing to cower.

“Welcome home, sister.” The voice rumbled from all directions.

“Sister?” I asked as it coiled closer. I gasped as it sunk into my skin chilling as ice, but welcome. A lost twin found.

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