I was known for stealing from my friends

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

I slouched over my chair bouncing my foot as I watched. The brothers were at it again. Mayer had even started glowering at their noise instead of draping himself over his beakers. Just a little longer and I. . .

“Would you two quit that,” Mayer cried moving away from his station. I slunk from my chair slinking my way around the room to Mayer’s station.

I pressed my back to the table glancing around it. Mayer still screamed at the boys. His face was even a lovely plum. I grabbed a stoppered beaker and slipped it into my belt pouch before dashing back to my chair.

Still the three bickered. Nope. This wasn’t improving. I almost pulled myself up to break them up, even if that drew Mayer’s attention to me. Avery spared me that decision.

His office door banged open rebounding. “Quiet,” he bellowed bringing silence. He glanced at me and I just grinned in return. I’d had enough time.

Mayer slouched back to his station. His eyes flittered over the table before he leaned forward glowering at me. “Why you little– “

“Enough,” Avery repeated closing on Mayer. “Your project.” I knew I was off the hook.

Mayer threw up his hands. Ever the dramatic. “Without the proper components, impossible.”

“What do you need?” Avery asked.

Mayer shook his head. “Nothing we can send the goons for.”

“Then send me,” I said springing up. “Quick fingers is what I’m for.” I pocketed another beaker for good measure.

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