You came back

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Nikolas hunched over the workbench and an open watch. Gears surrounded the watch as a halo. The second hands ticks stretched out echoing wrongly. Too little time. A last tick resounded as the door clicked open echoing the noise.

She stood hand pressed over her coreset, though what protection it added the boning didn’t Nikolas couldn’t guess. “Gwendolyn.” His voice caught in his throat the words as potent as moonlight. Silent and ineffectual.

Still she stared at him, color beginning to return to her cheeks. How long had he been away? A day? No . . .those lines hadn’t haunted her eyes.

“You came back.” Gwendolyn said. Her voice was light but carried in the silence.

Back? What business had called him away . . . he turned inexplicably back to the watch. It was ticking again, warped and thudded. Like his heart had. Ticking painfully until . . . His eyes opened wide. “I didn’t mean to leave.” Still no sound carried.

“Nikolas,” her voice broke over the words as she dashed forward, her hand sliding into him. She shook her head stepping back. “I am mad.”

He turned away, his head moving with the will of a puppet’s. The watch lay there, its workings scattered to . . . The ticks faded to nothingness again just as his heart. His heart. “Put it back together.” He reached for a gear. His fingers slipping through as effective as his words. But it must tick again. It must.

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