Restricted Space

They'd had a lot of freedom back then

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Sirens screamed drowning out the other noise on the deck. Chase tightened his grip on the stick. It wouldn’t be long now. Slowing his breathing he watched the numbers ticking down. Just another run. Launch, reach target, and return to ship. No sightseeing.

He hadn’t done any sight seeing not since the last time he and Alina . . .

But those days were gone.

“Ten seconds.” The voice crackled over his comm. Chase glanced over the readings again. All systems check. The lights dimmed as the bay door slide open. “Three. Two. One.”

His fighter shot forward one heartbeat and he was in space, the ships gravity well dropping away behind him. Chase leaned forward, trajectories and date flashing across the cockpit glass. He didn’t glance left to see who was there now. Another new one.

“Flight 12 on path,” he said as the trajectories flashed green. Glancing right his breath caught. The stars danced between brilliant nebula. Alina would have loved exploring this system. He itched to turn and explore, but that freedom was gone.

Jerking his head back, Chase scowled as his target approached. Maybe she was lucky to not learn what they’d lost. Space was narrow these days.

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