She had been warned

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. This time Calder is back. Need to catch up on his previous exploits? Read about them here.

“Yes.” Perdyn said. Her voice softening as she grabbed Sorrel’s arm shoving him away from Calder. Wise choice.

Calder clenched his hands tightly glowering at the water flowing under the bridge ignoring the two. Toarien. He couldn’t be alive. Calder had been sure . . . had made sure he was dead. “So why come to me?” he croaked.

“Because–” Sorrel started but it ended in a groan which coincided with the sound of a foot being stomped. Good. She didn’t have patience with that rule either.

“Because,” Perdyn this time, “you are the only one who got close to him. We need you.”

Calder closed his eyes, but that let the memories in. Opening them he emptied his stomach over the side of the bridge. “I’m done being needed,” he said to Perdyn, his voice a deep rumble warning her off.

He turned ready to stalk away. They’d found his cabin, a generous word, but he could find another. Further away he could disappear.

A hand closed on his shoulder. “Need isn’t done with you.” Swiveling he raised his fist to strike. She deflected the blow and jabbed hard herself knocking the breath from him. And the fury.

He sunk to his knees and looked at Perdyn. She stood over him, one fist casually on her hip. “Need another?” She never had taken warnings well. He glanced over to Sorrell. The boy stood quietly to the side eyes wide.

Calder grunted gaining his feet. “When do we leave?”

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