Rendezvous Arrangements

The diary records the voice

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Not two steps into Aari’s and I’m faced with books. Bookshelves she’s said to have ensorcelled to keep curious mortals out. While walking through the shelves one may catch glimpses of the sorceress at her workshop center, invariably the curious souls ends up back at the door. I, however, swear she ensorcelled it to only show the dullest books written.

Unfortunately, unlike most I know the correct path and quickly make the last turn. Aari is there as always, standing at her table bathed in the light from her skylights. A thin red braid tumbles over her shoulder to rest next to a book.

Her brows draw together and her head snaps up, mouth open and ready to eviscerate whomever for interrupting. Instead, she snaps her mouth and the book closed with audible twin thumps.

“Councilor Galican, why are you here?” Quick and impolite. As normal.

I clear my voice. “Their majesties require assistance facilitating a rendezvous between Princess Serandra and the Drgiocan delegate.”

“Another suitor?” She asks flatly.

I nod.

“She won’t cooperate?”

I nod again.

“Smart girl.” Aari’s moving for the only shelf facing her workshop. “She needs to be charming, correct?”

A final nod.

“Doable.” She grabs a book from the shelf without looking and strides back opening the book as she moves. Seranda’s voice fills the chamber.

I cough clearing my throat again.

She pauses and shrugs. “The diary records the voice. I’ll find appropriate phrases and you can provide the screen.”

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