Excuses Escape

I will see if the book has arrived

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Too a few, those blessed with power, Mililath Tower blazed in the heart of the night, consumed by a magical storm raging within. However, even those a child’s stone throw away slumbered in blissful ignorance through the layer upon layer of wards sealing structure. Kellsie didn’t share either the grace or the power and stood at the storm’s heart.

His latest experiment a failure, Bartolemo shoved over the stand and the tumult of metal on stone marked the instruments scattering across the chamber’s floor. Particularly energetic pliers dashed against Kellsie’s boot. She grasped the rod he’d handed her, squeezing it and her breath tightly.

Bartolemo’s robes swept about as he gestured the various instruments back. Kellsie sneezed as his collection reached the pliers at her feet, his eyes flicking instead to her own. Kellsie watched as he recalled she was not but a particularly detailed sculpture, but his assistant.

He glanced to the now vacant slab covered with goo, and her eyes crept wider. “I…” she floundered as his lips crept upward. She glanced about trying to find a task she could complete. Failure would be worse. Nothing here.

The tome! “I will see if the book has arrived.” She dropped a courtesy already moving, fleeing from the chamber.

Reaching the door, her heart hammered. She couldn’t return without the tome. And she couldn’t return with it. Dawn and dusk were equal measures apart. No delivery would be waiting. She starred wistfully into the darkness. Dare she flee?

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