Redeemed Vilian

Fyretober 2021

Welcome to day 11 of Fyretober! I hope you’re all enjoying a month of flash fiction as much as I am. Enjoy today’s writing challenge from Fyrecon’s Fyretober!

Shifting in her chair, Letia leaned away as Redom slide into the sit next to her. At least he didn’t have the audacity to look at her. Even so, she couldn’t keep her lip from curling back. “He shouldn’t be here.”

Wyrem paused, halfway into his chair. Sighing he plopped the rest of the way down and ran a hand through is hair. “We’ve covered this. He’s earned his place.”

“Oh, he’s earned a place.” Letia’s chair nearly tipped over as she leaned further still when he turned toward her.

“Redom, my apologies,” Wyrem said holding his hand out to the man as if to placate him.

Why should they be placating him?

Redom waved his fingers at Wyrem as if dismissing the concern. “I understand your feelings–”

“Doubtful.” The chair did tip over when Letia rose to put more distance between them. “For how long have you thought of no one and now I am supposed to accept that you understand?”

“Letia!” Wyrem screamed. How long had he been repeating her name? She doubted that was the first instance. “Redom is not the man he was before you know this.”

“I know you believe that this … villain has redeemed himself.” Letia wraps an arm about her middle, gripping her opposite arm tightly. “But I cannot. I’ve seen nothing.”

“You refuse to see.” Wyrem rose from his chair with those words. A hand raised and finger pointed at Letia. “You insist on holding onto phantoms which no longer exist.”

She opened her mouth and stopped. Behind Wyrem Redom had leaned back in his chair. On hand rested casually on the table, his eyes had narrowed, but not with consternation. She could almost see the upturn on his lips. He was pleased.

“Or perhaps I see more clearly.” She spun ignoring as Wyrem shouted for her to stop. No, she would not. She would however prove that man was still the monster who’d destroyed her kingdom. Somehow.

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“Fyretober isn’t for just writers or just artists. It’s for everyone who loves to create, and this month we’re looking to see your flash fiction, poetry, and illustrations every day. We’ll be providing daily prompts for the month and want to see what new concepts and wonders you can make with them.

Join the creation fun and share your work with us.

This isn’t a contest. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be giving out random prizes for amazing work.”

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