Missing Scale

Fyretober 2021

Welcome to day 12 of Fyretober! I hope you’re all enjoying a month of flash fiction as much as I am. Enjoy today’s writing challenge from Fyrecon’s Fyretober!

I leaned over the table, holding back the medallions hanging about my neck when the doors thudded abruptly open. “The cosmos is out of balance!” Heardu screamed has he raced into the chamber. How that man managed to outmatch elephants in running I still hadn’t figured out.

I straightened from my table with a sigh. The crystalline waters already settling before Heardu reached my side. It would take me hours to reach that clarity again. And for what? “If the cosmos is out of balance, shouldn’t you be bothering Phenry?” I shook my arm, trying to loosen the grip he’d already established on my sleeve.

Heardu drew in a deep breath as if about to bellow and instead broke into a coughing fit. “But that’s the problem,” he managed to wheeze.

I took a half step back wrinkling my nose at my elder brother. Father be praised that I hadn’t inherited his flare for the dramatic. I’d never get any work done if I flew off the handle at every minor rearrangement.

Heardu was as oblivious to my displeasure as always and prattled on. “The stars! The stars, Ephes!”

“What about them?” I managed to keep from putting my hand in the waters. That would have set me back a week.

“They’re missing! The scales are missing!”

My hand slipped into the bowl now. Cursing I pushed him off me and race to the center of the chamber. Activating, the sky scry at the center of the chamber I glanced up. The daylit ceiling vanished, sweeping away the clouds with the light and left darkness. Spinning the stone, I brought up the region where Phenry’s scales shone and found… darkness.

I swore under my breath and spun toward Heardu, folding my arms tightly across my chest. “What did you do to drive her off this time?” My foot tapped quickly.

Heardu drew backward. “Me?” He said pressing his fingers against his chest. “When have I ever–”

“The tidal incident five years ago?” I said sharply. I didn’t have time for his denials. I rattled through the list quickly, his complexion growing ruddier with each reminder. “The volcanoes last week,” I finished.

Heardu waved his hand dismissively. “Meer trivialities. What are we going to do about Phenry?”

I raised my hand pointing a finger at Heardu, but the accusation died before I said it. If Phenry couldn’t reach his commonsense I wouldn’t, and I needed her back before all my experiments slide completely out of balance. I grunted and grabbed him arm. “Fine, let’s go.”

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