Phoenix Ghost

Fyretober 2021

The Phoenix will… die. Today’s prompt combines an immortal creature and death. What could go wrong here? Enjoy my day 5 entry in Fyrecon’s Fyretober!

“I’m immortal!” The outcry rankled Ryany’s nerves. Drawing her eyes together she glanced at the annoying creature. Hopping along the spectral branches leaves trails red-gray fire in its wake.

Gripping the wood firmly in her hand she swung swiping at the phoenix with her broom. “You’re insane.” She’d need weeks to right the ghost forest after this.

The phoenix backed several steps and cocked its head to the side. “Not mutually exclusive.” It flicked a wing at a nearby bush and a new plume of ghostly smoke bellowed upward. “Whatever, that’s not the issue. I’m immortal! What am I doing here?”

Ryany paused, twisting her hands around the broom. Chasing after the creature was probably futile. Coughing, she shook her head and straightened. “Don’t worry, you’ll be going back.” Just not soon enough.

The phoenix’s head bobbed backward with a twist that looked uncomfortable even on a bird. “But… but… immortal.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.” Ryany turned from the creature, swishing her broom over the path.

“But… what am I to do!” She could hear the creature hopping quickly after her.

Ryany turned toward the creature. How could something so powerful as a fire bird look so pathetic at the same time. Sighing, she pointed to the forest behind the bird. “You could try helping me keep the place straightened up instead of destroying it.”

Ryany caught herself smiling as the creature looked back, crouching in confusion before perking up. “I can do that!” Launching itself from the tree. Flames leapt from ethereal branches as the creature moved, returning to its wings. Perhaps he wouldn’t be so bad.

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