Frankenstein Gryphon

Fyretober 2021

Fyretober is marching along and this time the prompt combines one of my favorite mythical creatures! (No, not dragons. That wouldn’t get one of.) Welcome to gryphons! I hope you enjoy day 4’s entry for Fyrecon’s Fyretober!

Light flashed. She shifted, half of her trying to rise while pulled backward. Life and death lay each direction and she could agree of which.

“I knew it.” A hand touched her head, running over… No. That was wrong. No, right. She shuddered torn further by the touch, both seeking and loathing the ridged cord of her…

She opened her eyes. Denzill stood beside her, his eyes moving over her. He was there, the surprise at seeing him was the first cohesive thought to trip through her brain. And delight.

Leaning toward him she ignored the contrary thoughts in her mind for a moment and opened her mouth to purr. Instead, a low cry escaped her throat through her… beak. Bolting from the table alarm mingled with the inability to understand the alarm.

Her claws tore at the table beneath her leaving gouges.

She stopped, a tremble working through her body as she turned to look about the room. The balcony. The grey stone walls. Glass and liquids he often played with when they hadn’t fought. But… This was wrong. The wrongness twisted through her, a force striking her and one she couldn’t run from or decide which direction it lay. Again, her instincts tore between rising and falling.

“Easy, my mightiest easy.” Denzill’s words lacked comfort and she ignored them. Twisting about trying to locate something to help explain. At the far side of the chamber a pool lapped. Springing forward she stumbled to its edge, a paw plunging into the water.

Her shuddering continued, sending low tremors through the water, but finally it stilled enough for her to see herself. Or not.

My head. The thought was quickly countered with another. My body.

What happened. Both halves agreed with the question, probing together to see what she could discover. She pulled away from the water as pain disjointedly surged through her. Rolling she landed in a shivering lump, one wing trapped beneath a body too heavy for it, the other splayed over her head.

Hands touched her shoulder, prodding her into a seated position and arranging her wings. There was a gentleness she recognized and leaned toward.

“Calm yourself,” Denzill said leaning toward her. “I know this must be disconcerting.” She huffed in agreement. “But after the battle with Cricios I could not bear to lose either of you.”

Either? Rising her head, she looked at Denzill. Both. That was it. She was here as was she. Sisters of sky and land they’d served Denzill guarding his treasures until… She shied away from the thought.

“I could not save either of you, but together you are unstoppable.” His voice was quiet in her ear. Familiar and soothing. “You are Lunata now, joined as one you will be an unstoppable force for me eternally.”

No! the thought through both halves of her and she withdrew, claws extended and crying defiance. He’d taken their lives. No more. Spinning she run in an unsteady gait and through herself from his balcony. The air tugged at her wings, the avian side of her taking control and catching the wind before she reached the rocks.

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