Blazing a Path

Call me storyman

Today I am combining both my Wednesday Words prompt and the Fyretober prompt. Enjoy my Wednesday Words and day 6 entry in Fyrecon’s Fyretober!

The iron lay heavy about her wrists as she shifted her hands on the table they’d shackled her to. How long ago had that been? Hours? A day? She’d hummed softly to himself passing the meaningless time.

The door creaked open, and a man walked in. His clothing was cut from finer cloth then his mens had been. He also carried less bulk than them. Not someone accustomed to working outside a controlled room.

“Name.” The word was flat and quick, expecting answer instead of requesting it. His attention focused on the papers he’d brought with him. He hadn’t even bothered to angle them so she couldn’t read them.

A fool then. Should she answer his question? Why not. “Call me Storyman.”

The man stopped. Looking up from his papers. “That is not a name. That’s a primitive myth.”

“That’s the name I can give.” The answer was truthful but infuriating to the man.

“I want your name.” His nostrils flared slightly.

“Storyman.” I grinned.

He motioned to the guard she’d known he’d have waiting. The hulk appeared a gigantic dark shadow in the doorway.

“I wouldn’t.”

The man stopped at the two words, boots scuffing at the ground. The questioner frowned glancing between her and the guard. “What did you do?”

“I am storyman,” she said with a shrug. “When I speak people listen. You should harken to my words before continuing blazing your path across our lands. For legends still walk here.”

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