Following Flow

The spatter of seeds

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

The spatter of seeds sounded harmonized with Ariade’s steps and chanting as she paced the garden, rebounding against the garden’s high walls. The ground shifted beneath her, a behemoth welcoming its own. A welcome disturbed by a disharmonious step upon the wall.

Ariade twisted, refusing to take her foot from the path. The sun rising on the opposite horizon lit his above. His face twisted with rage.

“Jero” She inclined her head. Ariade rolled seeds in her hand, listening to the potential she held.

“No.” He stepped off the wall. Air twisted about him slowing his plummet to a crawl. “You will not deny me my place.”

Ariade shook her head sadly. “Understanding you cannot demand anything of this place was always your problem.” As she turned away, she watched vines whip at his feet and legs, forcing him back up. No, he would not be welcomed here.

Ariade focused on her task, pushing her way forward as the garden drew her. Pushed because although he could not touch the ground his air tore at her trying to hold her back. Step by step Ariade made her way to the garden’s center.

Jero’s screams raised in a wordless, rage as she scattered the remainder of her seeds in overlapping circles about her. Branches broke from the ground twisting about her and cutting off his screams.

Ariade welcomed sleep. Perhaps a worthy successor would come with her next waking. She could not dream with the garden forever.

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