Crossroads Soaring

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Like my protagonist from “Crossroads of the Sky,” Annabelle, I love the feeling of floating. Right now mine, unlike hers, comes from the more mundane explanation of excitement instead of soaring on a fueling platform. I wouldn’t trade the experience, at least not at the moment.

Critters 2020 Readers Choice Awards: Best Steampunk Short StoryOver the weekend, I received the wonderful news that “Crossroads of the Sky” received the Critters 2020 Readers Choice Award for Best Steampunk Short Story.

I still am unsure what to say beyond I am truly touched that enough people also enjoyed this story to nominate it and help it place first. Thank you to everyone who voted for the story.

I loved writing this story. The heart of the story is home, and I’m grateful to know it has found a home in other’s hearts as well.

If you haven’t yet, you can catch Annabelle’s tale in A Mighty Fortress along with more amazing steampunk stories from great authors. Check out a brief except of “Crossroads of the Sky” here, along with information on where it is available.

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