Silence Unbroken

That arrogant ex-adventurer

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“My presence, as always, is indispensable.” Caldar’s nod was brusque before spurring his mount down the trail. Sorrell shrugged, ducked his head, and raced after Caldar.

Perdyn waved the dust away. That hadn’t taken long. She fought against the smile as she watched the pair ahead. At least she could count on that arrogant ex-adventurer’s sense of importance to be a distraction.

Glancing behind any sense of mirth disappeared. Perdyn scowled. How old are would be in the report, but she wasn’t fool enough to believe the Omendii couldn’t guess Sorrell was with them.

The legendary hero returns from his self-imposed exile accompanied by pardon commander of the guards. Oh no, the Omendii would guess, and Caldar didn’t know enough. Why couldn’t she open her mouth and explain more to him?

Perdyn hadn’t disappeared. She’d stayed she’d fought for her position, to preserve Omand’s legacy, for normalcy. She fought. When has she gotten so tired? Perdyn brought up the rear alone with her thoughts.

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