The snow fell and fell

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Marc shrugged his shoulders and felt a bit of the chill leave his back. For all the good that would do. The snow kept falling to replace what he dislodged. The mountains were far away and there was no village, not even a hut or crossroads. He’d believe he was alone with the hissing white storm, except for the infernal crunching trailing him.

The tread came irregularly interrupted by brief intervals of steady trotting.

Turning he glowered at creature stalking him. “Must you follow?”

The feline sat back its golden fur dotted with white spots as much as black. The head tilted to the side making its twisted nose look even more warped.

Marc threw up him hands and turned. “There won’t be a warm welcome for you,” he shot over his shoulder.

Does that matter? The voice flitted into his head. Here’s rather chilly too.

“Stop that,” he said shuddering at the unnatural feel of the mind invading his own. He heard a rough cough behind him. Bending, Marc scooped up a handful of snow and threw it. His swift movement not enough as the cat dodged out of the way. “Go home,” he muttered.

I don’t have a home anymore. You set my tree aflame.

“There was a situation.”

Yes, the Bearer of Death was quite irritating, and I am grateful that you took care of him. Hence following instead of biting.

Marc turned away scowling and continued trudging on.

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