The clue seemed innocuous at the time

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

A click. The sound had been innocuous when entered she’d not noted it in her rush. Dr. Nilan’s behavior hadn’t warned her either. He’d sat watching as she swept across the room.

In hindsight, his lack of concern at her ire should’ve been concerning. He’d created the mechanic which had stormed the palace in a wave of destruction. Designed and hid it. Even if the guard had scoffed, she’d known his work.

Instead of him cowering, she stood and scowled inside his cage. As the best at mechanics, the spring bar cage enclosing her would’ve been simplistic. “How can you justify this?” she demanded.

He paused before clicking the latches closed on his briefcase. Sighing, he turned to regard her swinging the case under his arm. “How can I not?” he replied taking a step closer. “Mechanics are our future. Our saviors. He is my best invention. Abandoning him would condemn us in the future.”

“It,” she said stressing the word, “killed over twenty people last night.”

He shook his head. “A mistake. Every child must learn.” Dr. Nilan turned away hurrying from the room. “Someone will find you soon enough.”

“What else will he destroy before he learns?” She called after him. The door slammed closed without a response.

Reaching our she shook the bar testing its strength again. Waiting was the last thing she wanted. A scream sounded beyond the chamber and cut off. Shaking the bars again, her eyes widened as the door clicked open. It entered.

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