Flickering Stars

You shouldn't have heard that

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Silence. Nadina turned to check the reading and confirm the channel closed, but the screen blurred as her mind raced.

Had that just happened? Had she heard a plot to kill the Premier? She’d heard rumors of the dissidents, but this…

Nadina’s reached for the words, trying to twist her mind to order. She must transmit a report soon.

No. Now.

Breathe rattled in her ear. She jumped, staring at the metal walls behind her. The room was empty.

Nadina pressed the headset against her ear and the sound strengthened. Swiveling, she checked the transmission state. The channel was open on one end.

“You shouldn’t have heard that.” It was him. The man who’d kill a Premier. “I said you shouldn’t have heard that, little ferret.”

Nadina leaned active the channel on her end before hesitation could set in. “You’re going to fry.”

The laughter grated over the headphones. “Come, ferret. You must’ve heard. His protection’s waning.”

Rising, Nadina clenched her fists. “I stand by him. Multitudes stand by him, greater than the stars.”

“His stars burn out. Mine glow brightly.” Traitors. “Help us shine light into the dark, little ferret.”

Nadina shook her head. “Never. My star lights your dark secrets.”

He sighed heavily. “Not if I find you, ferret.” A ping sounded from her computer.

Lunging forward, Nadina cut the channel and switched the pod to dead mode. He couldn’t have started a track, could he? She glanced out the window. Endless stars. Good luck if he had.

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