Joke Struck

She enjoyed playing practical jokes

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Alyssum Silkmist’s wings fluttered as she landed on the branch a moment before kicking off and hovering above. A human woman sat sobbing on the forest floor. She didn’t belong.

Her were slippers were thin and dress flimsy. The material would catch every branch and must have encountered several already.

Woodsmen at least knew how to dress, even if they had testy tempers and didn’t enjoy jokes. And Alyssum loved her practical jokes.

Alyssum over and dropped before the human’s eyes. The woman screeched impressively loud and high. Alyssum folded her arms waiting for her to stop.

The woman gulped air when she quieted. “You’re… you’re…” The woman’s mouth hung open like she’d seen a myth.

“A fairy?” Alyssum fluttered her wings, giggling. “And you’re a human in my ring.” She flicked her wrist sideways and mushrooms sprouted.

The woman stared at the circle. “That wasn’t there before. Was it?” She shook her head. “Nothing makes sense here. I want my home” She started bawling again hiding her face against her knees.

Alyssum frowned. She abhorred crying. “Just stop, I’ll give you the means to see where you are.”

The woman gulped, the stream slowing if not stopping. “You will?” she said in a hiccupping voice.

“Yes,” Alyssum snapped, and the woman sprouted wings which tore the material easily.

The woman stood, twisting about like a dog chasing her tail. “What have you done?”

Quieting her giggles, Alyssum waived her hand. “Oh, don’t panic.” She snapped and nothing happened. “Huh.”

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