Crossroads of the Sky is Coming

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February has arrived!

In just over 2 weeks, the A Might Fortress anthology will be released, and you can read my short story “Crossroads of the Sky.”

Many of my writing friends have had stories in the past volumes. When they announced the 4th volume would open for submissions, I immediately had the vision of a fueling platform floating high above the Utah plains. This platform, manned by a crew of rough pioneers, includes a sassy, red head named Annabelle Mable Jean Wheeler.

While she starts by taking on the platform boss, arguing for her right to stay on the platform, her home, Annabelle learns that there can be worse threats to home then an overbearing manager when word reaches them that the army is on the way. How can an orphan help protect everyone’s home? Read “Crossroads of the Sky” to find out.

I can’t wait to share “Crossroads of the Sky” with you all. Don’t forget there’s also 16 other short stories in the anthology by amazing authors. There authors include: Michaelbrent Collings, Bryce Beatty, Elizabeth Mueller, Lee Allred, Jay Barnson, David J. West, and more.

During the brief wait remaining until the book launches, enjoy this story trailer and check out a brief except. Or pre-order your copy today.

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