She had to crush his heart or he'd die

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write, as part of a group, a flash fiction based on the same short prompt and post the story.

Wind. Fire. Water. Closing her eyes, Eowini let her chant wash through her splinter of the ephemeral entities she represented. Calm. Her breath slowed as she centered.

Raising her hand, Eowini knocked on the door, blinking her eyes open.

Somewhere between moments and an eternity later the door opened. Gyveth was turned speaking to someone within. Only his familiar scowl of concentration and unruly mop of brown curls were visible. Clutching her hands, Eowini forced her breath even chasing the fleeing words in her mind.

He turned and grinned at her. Familiar, warm. Stable, “Eowini,” he said. Aspects.

She’d meant to speak first. She’d meant it to be fast. Perhaps then it would hurt less. Not him. Him she had to crush. She willed herself to speak, but her throat refused to work.

His smile dimmed as she stood there. Eventually his eyes flickered to the bag on the ground next to her, the pack she’d arrived with month ago. His scowl returned, deeper than before. “Eowini?” Confusion filled her name that time, cutting into her.

Grabbing her bag, she clutched it as a shield. Her last protection as even the words failed her. “Goodbye.” She tore the word from her throat, feeble and insufficient as it was.

“No,” he said as she turned away. “Eowini!” She shook his hand off and ran.

She’d done it again. She could hear his pain as he cried after her. But he was of Earth. He would crumble before her if she remained.

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