I miss moments like this more than anything
Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write, as part of a group, a flash fiction based on the same short prompt and post the story.

This week Calder is back. Not familiar with who he is? Catch up with his story here.

Perdyn stepped slightly in front of him, not obscuring his view of the youth. “Technically, we’ve met before. He was at my naming.” Sorrel raised one shoulder, a spitting reflection of his grandfather. He should have seen it earlier. They’d both been trouble.

He glanced between the two and let a scowl mask his face. “I miss this most.” The words were short, clipped. Sorrell took a step back and Calder could hear the boy gulp. Good.

Rolling her eyes, Perdyn moved back to her position on the bridge. Her, he couldn’t intimidate. Time for a different tactic. “Stop prancing and out with it.”

Perdyn’s mouth twitched, a movement the boy would’ve missed, but he’d been watching. Good, she still appreciated directness.

“The Rhoissi–” Perdyn said. He turned away, blood pounding kept him from hearing more, but too late. He was back. Back with the air chill as a demon, winds tainted by blood.

He rubbed his knuckles harsh against his eyes, pushing the vision away before he could see her. “They’re dead,” Calder said uncaring what he interrupted. “All of them.” He yanked away from the hand seeking his shoulder.

Sorrel said, “Toarien–”

Swiveling Calder shoved Sorrel against the bridge, an arm across the youth’s throat. “Never say that name again.”

Perdyn’s hands scrambled for purchase to pull Caldar away. Assulting a member of the Omendii was foolish. He didn’t care. “Lives,” Sorrel wheezed.

Caldar released the lad abruptly, stepping back. “No,” he said numbly.

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