Choices be Cursed

Pain lanced through her body

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write, as part of a group, a flash fiction based on the same short prompt and post the story.

Elaweth, preeminent enchantress of Veth, had never bowed before Afanad hoard. She was a bulwark between her people’s light and their waves of chaos. A role she had been born too, but one she had accepted without hesitation. At least until today. Now she questioned. Late.

She stood, back arched in the center of the black lightning, their spell lacing through her narrowing her world to agony. Her throat closed off against air as much as it did her scream.

The dark glow vanished, and she dropped to the ground her hands scrapping against the stone. The air tasted burned as drug oxygen into her lunges.

“Do you concede?” A voice asked from somewhere behind her.

Elawath was half-turned and raising her hand in surrender. Pressing her hand against her stomach Elawath shifted her weight away from the voice. Insidious. At least the lightning was obvious magic. But that voice. . . that voice hid it’s blade behind dulcet tones. “Never.” The words tore her throat. Perhaps she had been screaming before? She couldn’t remember.

There was a long sigh behind her, but wrong as if the landslide tried to still itself. “As you wish.” The lightning came again.

Duty. Honor. The words chased around in her brain until they were meaningless sounds, consumed by the renewed pain. Thaekath could play the distraction next time. She screamed realizing she’d still let there be a next time. Or that she didn’t have a choice anymore.

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