There's someone in the house

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Thedrilath sat back steepling his fingers, regarding the papers strewn across the table. The answer was there. He knew it. He just couldn’t see it. Yet.

Bellowing inarticulately as a breeze tore through the chamber sending the pages swirling, Thedrilath dove forward throwing himself over the parchment to hold it in place. The chambers door closed with a thud.

Turning he glowered at Fayndra. “Sorry,” she said adjusting her grip on the tray she carried. She walked toward him after bobbing her head. As if that excused her interruption. “I thought you’d like a bite before Lord Adwilid arrives.”

He harrumphed shifting the papers on his desk to clear a spot for the tray. Thedrilath hadn’t found the answer yet. Perhaps a bite would help clear his mind. He speared a bit of roast as Fayndra lifted the cloth.

“What is all this,” Fayndra asked peering over the papers. Papers he knew she could decipher none of.

“Genealogy,” he rumbled around a bit of roll. “Someone in the House of Acean is causing the. . . disturbances” I swallowed reaching for the goblet and paused. Tilting his head, Thedrilath regarded the parchments randomly resettled after the wind. “Of course.” He snatched the paper walking toward the window and pressing it against the dingy glass.

“Of course?” Fayndra echoed curiously.

“The House had split,” I said grabbing my cloak. “It’s the other branch.”

“And what should I tell Lord Adwilid?” I heard he call behind me as I barreled out.


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