Name Revealed

She finally told me how she got her nickname

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

They’d found us. I’d failed. Kadech grinned as his men surrounded us. No, this couldn’t end in a hole bar. I glanced at Drake beside me. She shrugged back waving the torch she carried vaguely and with no effect on the approaching men. “Surrender,” Kadech said.

I shook my head tightening my grip on my knife. “I’ve seen those who gave up,” I said. My voice cracked as I spoke. “I’ll not be one.” Nor would I let Drake be one. She’d risked too much to help me already. She wouldn’t pay for it.

“Hey Brath,” Drake said next to me.

“Brath be ready.” There had to be a way out. I’d find it.

She snorted and asked, “For what?” They were getting closer and we were being backed against the bar. “Want the answer?”

“To what?” I asked. Kadech moved forward his hand going toward his sword. He could at least pretend there was a rush, that we were a threat.

“How I got my nickname.”

I blinked. “Now? I ask you repeatedly and you want to tell me now.”

Drake shrugged with a grin. “It seems like a time.” Turning she grabbed an abandoned bottle off the bar. Turning she held the torch before her and. . .

I blinked as flame jetted outward and toward Kadech. He screamed falling back as did his men when she turned toward them.

The flame died and Drake grinned at me. “Let’s go.”

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