Her Own Way

She had grown accustomed to getting her own way
Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

“Get back,” I watched Josephine Maria Ziegler shriek clutching her skirts tightly. Was almost as if she thought holding them would keep the throng back.


Experience said those who were allowed to do as they wish, become fools sooner than late. She glanced at me with wide eyes. Fool or not, I couldn’t not to help her.

Pulling my shooter, I fired above the crowd. The boom echoed followed by shrieks and most of the pack scurrying. I could work with the remaining few.

I stalked the steps between Josephine and myself. “Her ladyship protests your offish advances,” I looked squarely at the instigator, a giant with a good foot, almost two, on me.

The man scoffed. “Her protests makes no difference to me.” He grabbed at me, probably with the surety that his mates would back him.

A second fool then.

I sidestepped the clumsy attempt, slamming my dirk into the back of his knee. He dropped caterwauling. “Matters to me.” I shifted to look at his mates tightening my jaw.

They looked back.

Some gulped but most has the sense to just run. I pulled my knife, striking the man’s temple with my hilt and looked to her ladyship.

“Ollie,” she said so low I was amazed the air carried it.

“If it suites your ladyship, can we be off now?” She sniffled and nodded before turning as if departing had been her idea. If we didn’t need her to interpret the blueprints. I’d have left her then.

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