Call me Johnny for I am the Executioner

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

I sat in the chamber listening to the dull roar of the crowd, obscured by the thick stone walls of the keep. The cacophony ebbed and flowed as some unseen herald whipped the crowd into the appropriate frenzy.

I had heard their excitement before, even has mum had tried to keep me separate. “My time would come soon enough,” she had warned. Still I’d heard it every time da had gone to work.

I’d never thought my time would come like this though. Probably, neither had he.

A knock sounded on the door behind me, deep and echoing. Even the air knew what was coming next. I retrieved my hood, attaching it to my collar and pulling it over my head.

I nodded to the guards as I passed them and walked from darkness to light. Opposite a man did the same. I couldn’t see him clear yet. I paused picking up my axe before walking up the wooden steps to the platform. Mum had been right.

Lead filled my boots as I ascended. After today my life would never been the same. Even if they’d allowed me the anonymity of my hood. I was as damned as he. Him in his finery and crown. They’d let him keep that.

The guards halted him before me at the block. He stared at me and into my hood. My voice was dry when I spoke. What emotion was there to be had? “Call me Johnny, for I am the Executioner.”

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