Attendance Matters

My attendance was not good enough

My elbow thumped on the arm rest as I pinched my forehead between my fingers. Across the table Master Dolphelm remained impassive with his fingers steepled and leaning back as if he hadn’t just me delivered a horrible blow.

I jerked my gaze away to the heavy stone chamber surrounding us. Swords, wooden shelves that might as well have grown from the rock, and books ranging from ancient to mundane. I doubt the room had been rearranged since the first Great Unity, and if rumors were true the fifth approached swiftly.

All the more reason to not be wasting my time here. I leaned forward holding up my hand, fingers writhing as if they wished to grasp something. “Let me see if I have this straight. I’ve perfect marks.”

“Correct.” Dolphelm’s response was instantaneous. Not that he needed to check. My records were well known.

“Even Masym said no one is or has ever shown my talent. And Hollow knows that no one impresses her.”


“I set new marks in every practical exam I sat.”


“So why aren’t I advancing?” I slapped my palm on the table.

“Your attendance is lacking.” He might have been a statue after that announcement. As soon as the words were out, he froze.

My attendance was not good enough? “Attendance?”


I hated that word. Almost as much as I hated the stagnant policy that held me back. So I’d missed a few classes. What did they expect of the anointed one?

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