I'm not sure that's what she said

Erard gasped beside me, flinging one hand tohis chest even as he leaned heavily on me with the other. Oh no, not again. “Did you hear that, Kater! Did you hear what she said?” His voice rang out with a jubilance I doubted the subject of his question didn’t hear.

“Earad.” I shrugged out from beneath him doubting he heard me, and Errad stumbled a step. I thumped my staff on the ground trying to gain his attention and failing.

Stretching his hand out, Erard reaching toward the closed door as if to pluck from air into existence. “Oh my sweet, Briltha! Keenest leader or Sorceresses! With my wit and your brilliance joined we will surely sway all the guilds!”

“I’m not sure that’s what she said, and since when have your vision–” He cut over me in a stream of delusion. Briltha was no more likely to accept this advance than any other.

And I really didn’t want a toad for a boss.


Stepping back, I struck Erard’s head with my staff. He crumpled to the ground, thankfully silent. I let out a breath.

The two guild guards standing at the doorway grinned at me, soft wafts of laughter barely contained behind official expressions. They glanced between each other at to Erard on the ground.

“What? Like he isn’t knocked out nearly weekly.” I waved my hand dismissively and mutters under my breath, “And for less cause.”

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