Beyond the Walls

Nothing could hold him back. Nothing, except this

Wind scrapped his skin as Rothsem surged down the mountainside. Wild laughter sprang from within muffling the cries behind for him to halt. Fools, he’d never halt! No, he’d passed the void bars, traversed the scalding divide, and scaled the frostbit walls. Now he rode the cascading mountainside to freedom. Nothing could hold him back!

Nothing, except this.

Throwing his arms up, he slammed into the mud brown surface which sprang before him, rebounded, and fell laughing to the ground. “Fell dragon, you shall not imped me long.” Reaching behind his back, Damset retrieved the sieve he’d stashed.

Air rushed toward the impediment to reverse and rush over him in an acrid waft of exasperation. “Not again.” Damset twisted her neck to level an eye with him. “And I’m not fell.”

Surging from the ground, Rothsem slashed at the creature. The metal clinked against the beast’s side. “I’ll never surrender!” He laughed as sparks showered him.

A talon grasped his belt, tugging Rothsem into the air. Twisting, he saw the blasted guard’s red dull armor clunking nearer.

“I don’t suppose you’ll go with them quietly,” Rothsem rumbled.

Damset flung his arms wide, stretching to try and slice through the beast’s hide again. “Never!”

“Fine!” Another inward and outward gust of wind, foul and thick. Damset’s head lolled and his eyes unfocused. “Try and hold him at least a year this time,” he heard as the blasted guard took him from the creature. “I need sleep.”

“No!” Damset would never stop.

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