A Fraud

Exposed for the fraud I am

Eryn chair’s creaking as she tipped back onto two legs. A grin spread across her face. “Exposed for the fraud I am, eh?”

Jamart stiffened his arms at his sides, head pulling back at the response. She was… amused? “You were expecting to be caught.” Behind him he could her the two guards he’d brought grumble as well.

Eryn sat forward, the movement of her chair propelling her up and several quick steps toward him. Jamart raised his hands, but she halted a pace away. “I expected to be caught years ago.” Raising a hand, she massaged her temple. “Do you have any idea how hard playing the oracle is?”

“I…” Jamart shook his head once as if clearing his head. “Trying to confuse me won’t stall my duty. The Ealdard Order confirmed you are not one of them nor trained by them. Your prophecies are untrue.” Raising a hand, he flicked a finger forward. “Take her to the cells.”

The men behind him thudded into motion, moving past him. Eryn held her arms out not resisting as the guards grabbed her arms. Her smile didn’t disappear, and she leaned closer. “As to my untrue prophecies, how many were fulfilled.”

The guard tugged on her arms, and Jamart turned to watch them pull her from the room. He couldn’t think of one that hadn’t come to pass. “All of them,” he said once she was out of sight. Not comforting considering the last she’d uttered had been about him.

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