A Family Dance

Word Prompt:  Get home while you still can

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“Get home while you still can.” The words hastily flung at me stung as old woman rattled by her cane thumping over the ground. I knew she hadn’t meant them to hurt. She couldn’t have known what she said. Who she spoke too.

My home was gone, but I wouldn’t let hers share its fate.

I watched her thumping her way across a crosswalk riddled with an ever-increasing number of cracks. No, I wouldn’t fail.

Turning away, in the distance I could see him. The destroyer. Though not his minions, but they’d be there creeping their way slowly further into the city and leaving everything behind as slag.

He towered above the crowd, easily visible. He wouldn’t see me coming, and I didn’t need to be closer to know he wore the bottle hanging from his belt.

I plucked the fabric hanging about my neck and yanked it up over chin and nose. I clutched my star chisels in my hands and turned toward the fleeing crowd. They parted as I stepped into the flow.

I wouldn’t lose to the demon again. I’d smash the bottle unleashing his bane. And mine.

He stopped when I reached the end of the crowd, his eyes widening and narrowing.

I grinned. “Come brother. Time for a last dance.”

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