Freedom Sweet

Word Prompt: People see us together

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Deep shadow fell across the path before Ryvia. She scuffed the dirt at the amorphous shadow’s edge. “Go away, Aivyr.”

“I cannot.” The voice resonated with sorrow’s somberness. A pain which tugged at her heart calling for her to answer.

She would have before. No more.


Ryvia scowled at the ground. The shadow swayed closer, and Ryvia moved with it staying in the light.

“Ryvia, please. I cannot do this without you.” The amorphous blob of the shadow shifted, and the outline of a hand alone reached toward her.


“But… People see us together. All of us.” The last words were soft, as if he wished a dream to hold within them.

Ryvia wouldn’t entertain that either. She sliced the air with her hand. “I cannot care what people may think.”

He moved toward her again. Again, Ryvia darted back. “I said ‘no,’ Aivyr.” She looked from the ground, trembling with repressed rage as he glowered at her brother. Or at least, that was the term the Wizard had given them.

Curse the man. Curse him binding power into forms shaped from mud and summoned souls from the void. Summoned to bare the magic’s weight which would kill anything which grew. They morphed with it.

How long had he held them in his workshop? Paraded about only when he needed to demonstrate his powers. But he’d fallen still at last, and she’d escape. Even for Aivyr she wouldn’t return to call their master back. Freedom was too sweet.

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