The Crystal Woods

Word Prompt: Walk with Me

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Don’t enter the Crystal Woods. The oft repeated warning rang in Silia’s ears though she could not recall who’d first given it. Or who had warned that entering bore… dire consequences.

Or what those consequences might be. The threat and warning were practically one. Vague as it were.

As a child, Silia had sworn she’d never enter the woods, those words enough to set her imagination alight. Life, however, had proven starker.

A vague warning could not compete with the destruction to herself, her family, and her hamlet. Her kin couldn’t act, the raiders had taken them and the guards.

The maids had smuggled her out though, hidden within a line carrying the wash to the river. Even under duress small matters continued.

Silia had slipped away when the guards were distracted. Slipped within the Crystal Woods to search. For what?

Help. There was power here. Power her mother had whispered could aid her. Remake her.

Through the foliage she saw something glittering which coalesced into a wall behind which someone moved. They approached and reached toward the wall with her. Only when her fingers touched did the image come clear.


But not.

The other her wore armor, bore sword and bow. Silia opened her mouth to explain but knew the other her understood already. The woman turned, and Silia heard the words, “Walk with me.”

Fingers tracing the crystal she walked until the wall disappeared, and their fingers touched.

Silia stood alone, hand clasping her sword hilt.

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