Taming Magic

It is a truth universally acknowledged

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

The power writhed between Ellyn’s hands fighting against her direction. Or perhaps lightning, powerful and blinding in its grandeur. Raging at the audacity of thinking it could be touched by her.

The room about her laid dark next to this. She knew the others were still there. They watched. They cheered her or taunted for her failure.

The power vibrated through her mind, down her spine, down her arms. Why? Why had she gone first? Her fingers stiffened, and Ellyn thought about letting the power go. Letting it flow away.

Letting her last chance flow away, along with the power.

A hand touched her shoulder. “I’m here.” The calm voice matched the gentle pressure of the touch. A presence and reassurance that Ellyn was not alone.

Her fingers relaxed. Ellyn moved her arms shifting position as she recalled hands correcting her stance and the same calm voice reassuring her, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that any first attempt at directing magic will be a struggle. Do not stop.”

Struggle, the word seemed insufficient moments before, but now… Ellyn smiled. Magic rippled beneath her hands, a pet awaiting attention. She shifted, and the power moved with her.

The room refocused as the ring in the room’s center lit. The brilliance which had blinded her settled into a comforting glow. Turning she smiled at her mentor.

He patted her shoulder. Turning, she bowed, and knew another truth. A master’s guidance and calm stood between success and failure.

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