Will of a Wisp Nominated

From the Author

A little under a year ago, I wrote “Will of a Wisp,” submitted it, and it placed in the Leading Edge contest and was published in their magazine. Why is this story so significant to me? Because it was the first story I wrote after my surgeries for cancer last year. Cancer that had affected my body so that I was incapable of reading and writing. This story was a victory for me, not just for placing in the contest, but because it helped prove to myself I was healing.

Yesterday, I found out I the story nominated for the Critter’s Readers’ Choice Awards. These awards are open to all readers to vote in. If you would, please take a moment and consider voting for it. The polls close on January 11th.

You can vote for the stories here: https://critters.org/predpoll/shortstorysf.shtml
Information on my story is here: https://www.mistglenmoon.net/books/the-leading-edge-issue-78/

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