The Leading Edge, Issue 78

Flash Fiction Title: Will of a Wisp
Leading Edge Magazine Volume 78 with flash fiction Will of a Wisp by Author Jenna Eatough
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I stretch, exploring the feel of skin sliding over muscle. My shoulders roll—smooth, strong, and responsive. The child’s memories are less fluid. She’s a fighter and slows the flow between our consciousnesses to a trepid trickle. No matter. I’ve time to learn in this empty room. Glass grinding underfoot, I turn to the mirror.

She’s young, but older than I’d hoped for. Taking her would probably have been impossible in just a scattering of days. Leaning forward, I stare into dark eyes, willing her knowledge out.

A knock raps on the door.


What a fun 'out of body' experience! Will of a Wisp had me questioning my own consciousness. Although it was just a dip into what could be a deep and dark narrative, I found it to be a fun read, creating discomfort and curiosity in all the right ways!

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Publication Information
Editors: Tina Hawley
Authors: Jenna Eatough, Aaron Hoskins, K. Sauder, Natasha Watts, Karlie Hall, Gwendolyn E. Grayson, Scott Batson, A. Zaykova, Zach Westoff, Abigail Rode, Emily Cook, Abby Broadbent, Emily Pearson, and Avery Andros
Illustrators: Coleen Stiles, Jessica Perri, and Manon Hale
Cover Artist: Manon Hale
Published by: The Leading Edge
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Date: April, 28 2021
ISBN: 979-8745525858
Pages: 117